023. Cramming Moment

September 6, 2009

Last Saturday I was invited to attend the wedding of Michael, one of my closest friends. He is actually my bestfriend way back in elementary. I still remember the days when we were only a bunch of kids playing around in the school ground. Actually that was 20 years ago. From kids to young men, we are now entering the next stage in life- settling down. He hits the road first joining the bandwagon of getting married.

Friday night, I was still in my client’s office, again trapped as usual in my recent job with pending financial statement draft and audit works on both sides, I bravely asked permission from my manager to spare my weekend in order for me to travel back home and attend my bestfriend’s wedding. Luckily I was performing well during the week, so I got a go signal from my boss.

As I embarked back home, I was stunned by the traffic along EDSA. It was already 9 o’clock in the evening and I was expecting to hitch the 10:30 bus going Alaminos. Add the fact the rain on a Friday evening, there’s no way I could reach the bus terminal on time. I immediately texted my bestfriend, that I might be late on his wedding day.

I still managed to take the early dawn bus trip. I arrived in our barangay almost 9 o’clock in the morning, same time for the wedding. Yup I was late for the wedding! Having no time to take some rest I immediately changed my clothes. While inside my room, I almost forgot I have no gift yet!

I dropped by the mall to buy a gift (at the last minute I bought one!). Boy that’s how hectic my schedule in the metropolis. I have no extra time to buy a gift. Though I managed to buy a descent one I felt a little bit guilty of buying a last-minute gift for my bestfriend’s wedding.

It has been a common practice of many Filipinos to beat the deadline. I am not exempted on this practice. It is as if I am on the hard-court playing basketball when all of sudden the “Last-two Minute announcement (with the baritone voice)” covers the atmosphere.

Cramming! Yes I consider this one my cramming moment. I thought cramming is only obvious to students, well even in real life we do also cram. Cramming at some point brings positive effect for some. With the adrenaline rushing on their system, some people are becoming more productive, artistic, and efficient. Logical thinking and reasoning powers their mind on what to do and how to do things. They become more creative and crafty in executing their actions even under pressure.

While others are good in cramming, there is also a group of individuals who crack down or should I say breakdown during the stretch. These are the people who feel chaos inside and already expect catastrophic results. They don’t know what to do and even how to start.

I really hate cramming. For one, I am not good at it. Also I hate the idea of thinking too much on what to do. I set allowance in my time. But no matter how you avoid cramming, there would always be the case when you have no other option but to cram.

For people who might be caught off hand and have no choice but to cram here are my simple tips for you guys:

1. Calm down. This is the very important thing to do if you will do cramming. Inhale deeply and exhale hearty. Always remember you will face a lot of pressure so beware and restore extra energy. Through proper breathing and calmness in your body, you can think more and do more.

2. Plan not just one but multiple plans. Yes, even if only limited time available, manage still to plan on your actions. Make a Plan A as your primary game plan. However as a rule of probability dictates, things might not go the way you want things be, so make an alternative Plan B, Plan C or up to Plan D. In this case no matter what happens your mind will be aware of different scenarios that might happen.

3. Think positive. This is very much important. Hope for the very best and be realistic as well to expect the worst. But weighing the best and worst side of the coin, give emphasis more on thinking positively. You cannot act right if all negativities cover your mind. So think right, think bright.

4. Ask help if necessary. Swallow your pride and accept the fact that people around you can lend extra hand and their time for you. Do this if all your cards are already laid on the table but positive result is still out of reach. Ask help and press the F1 button.

5. Keep in mind not to cram again. Even if you make a positive result after beating the deadline, make a commitment not to cram again. Break the chain of cramming. Learn from your faults and make proper scheduling next time. Remember cramming is also stressful so avoid it as much as possible.

To my bestfriend Mike and his lovely wife Leila, best wishes to both of you! May you both have less worry and less cramming moments in your married life!

022. Who Moved My Cheese

August 25, 2009

Last weekend, I borrowed a book entitled Who Move My Cheese from a colleague. I guess many of us already it. I always have the intention to buy it every time I go to a bookstore. I was looking forward to read it during a plane trip to Gen San or in Davao during the busy season. Unfortunately, I was running out of cash or in a tight budget when I dropped by the bookstore.
That’s why I am lucky I borrowed a copy of it during the weekend.
The book is not tedious to read. Actually, I finished reading the book within an hour, right before the UFC 100 started last Sunday. The story about the Cheese is very shallow if you will analyze it. The lesson it partakes are already obvious. We are just either too ignorant or too dumb to ignore it.

To those who haven’t read this book, I am very much willing to promote this. You can read this when you are bored in your monotonous life or during your break time from your stressful work. It targets all points of our life- career, business, relationship etc. It gives us a guide just like a map when we go to long travel without no idea where we heading at.

The Cheese is actually a metaphor of the thing which gives the feeling of happiness to our life. There are four characters in the story and I am sure we will relate to them. After reading the story, it is advisable to read the Discussion part of the book. It is still vital to complete the impact of the lesson.
I am glad I read this book. Actually when things suddenly change in their normal course, I fell agitated and sometimes irritated. I am not fan of changes in life. I see myself too stiff and stationery to my comfort zone. After reading this, I analyzed changes that happened in my life.
During my final year in college, I had a wonderful life. I can’t ask for more. I felt blessed and lucky at some point. I had a loving and supportive family, whom my number one fans. I was so happy with my relationship with my girlfriend back then (Aaawness!); and I was also active in an organization in our dormitory and college. It seems I am a well-rounded person the way as I look at my life then. Academic-wise, I was assured of graduating on time except for one Accounting subject which I ended up passing. I couldn’t ask for more. I felt I am ready for my next battle to pass the CPA Board Exam!
Then my Cheeses were moved.
After graduating, my dream of smooth journey to pass the CPA Board Exam and to land a descent job was shattered when I flunk my initial try taking the exam. I delayed my second shot in the exam due to financial reasons which lead me to work as a bank teller far from my dream of working in the corporate world.
I was not comfortable with my situation being a teller. Though I believe I already security in terms of having a permanent job, I knew I still lack something. I lack one of my Cheese which is to have my license. So I decided to leave my work as an underpaid but overworked teller.
I enrolled again for another season of review class. Things are all well but I guess it was not yet my time to pass the exam- again. I failed again on my second try.
As I continue my quest to find my first Cheese, another Cheese of my life was moved. My relationship with my girlfriend was jeopardized. We ended up moving apart. It is a bitter pill I needed to swallow.
I went back home to secure my only Cheese left, my family.
Living for five months with my family gave me a sign of life. I began to see the Green Light of my quest to pass the exam.
Luckily, after all the sorrow and desperation, I passed the exam and became a CPA on May, 2007.
Two years have passed and I am here writing this one up.
I finally found my Cheese, and it teaches me something… to accept changes and go with the flow of the sudden changes in life.

021. Cofffee Break

August 25, 2009

I am not really a coffee person. Before I entered college, I hated the bitter taste of coffee. I preferred drinking hot chocolate or soda. Things have changed when I stayed in Baguio City. Staying in coldest city in the country opened my mind. Most of the people in Baguio are coffee or tea lovers. And I was not amazed if after the opening of SM City Baguio, commercial coffee shops sprouted like mushrooms.

During my stay in Baguio, I learned to appreciate the bitter taste of coffee. Through the invitation of my friends to drink coffee in coffee shops, I found the coziest coffee shop in the City of Pines- Kaffee Klatsch.

I lost my count of my stay in Kaffee Klatsch. I was so grateful to find a coffee shop so simple yet very sophisticated in many ways. Imagine yourself sipping a hot brewed coffee while enjoying a chat with your friends with acoustic music being played by talented local musicians in Baguio. It is like everything you ask for is considered during the planning stage of the place. The ambiance so relaxing. I never thought wooden furniture, old sofa sets and bean bags would result to a fascinating place like this one.
Kaffee Klatsch is on top of my lists of coffee shops. It si so closed into my heart. It seems like this place is already a part of my life. Many wonderful memories were written in its four corners.
Now that I am working in Manila, I dream again of going back in Kaffee Klatsch one of these days. I miss the music, the people and the aroma and taste of coffee.

Believe it or not, Kaffee Klatsch drives me to create this blog. I believe my stay in my ever beloved coffee shops gave me the opportunity to create unforgettable and wonderful experiences.

In this place I sipped a cup of coffee with my friends, old flames, SICAP (our college organization) people; friends from Lingayen (my hometown); classmates during review days in Dagupan and recently my co-workers in our auditing firm.
I guess it is not only the coffee being served in Kaffee Klatsch why this place becomes popular in Baguio.

It is the opportunity the place gave to his customers to create a bond of friendship, unity and strong love to one another.

I hope to hear your Kaffee Klatsch experience soon fellas!!!

020. Sassy Girl

August 25, 2009

 “It sounds corny to some, but admit it, all of us wanted to experience a one-of-a-kind love story.”

I belong to a family who loves to watch movies. My father used to rent VHS tapes when I was still a kid. Every time he arrived from work, it was my instinct to check out what were the tapes he rented for our evening’s movie time. Being exposed to movies as early as my childhood days, I am lost in my count on how many movies I’ve already watched. And for this week’s article I am again in a dilemma what movie really fits the tag- The Best.

And then memories flashed back in my mind. What genre of movies do I really like to feature. Will it be a comedy, a serious drama, a mushy romantic one or a full packed action film? I really don’t have an idea. It is a totally bizarre scenario.

But wait, speaking of bizarre scenario maybe this one will fit in.

I watched this one on a DVD during one of those lazy Saturday nights back in dormitory days in college. It is a movie about a man who meets a woman unexpectedly and both their lives were changed during that moment. It’s a bizarre romantic comedy. I admit I felt somewhat bored at first especially during the first half of the movie but I was definitely fascinated by the latter part especially the finale. Most of all I was so tired reading the subtitles. Yup my friends you read it right- SUBTITLES, I spent my time reading subtitles and not actually listening to the dialogues because it was a Korean film! Still my effort was not put into waste. It was truly worthwhile watching this film. I guess you already know what I am talking about. Here are more clues- there’s a train station scene, a drunk lady, a pathetic guy, a long-stemmed rose during a piano recital, a scene of switching of shoes, a tree and… a time capsule.

Ladies and gentlemen you all got it all right. It is My Sassy Girl.

In 2001 this South Korean romantic comedy film was a phenomenon; a second highest selling film in Seoul over its 10 weeks in the cinemas. It is based on the true story told in a series of love letters written by Kim Ho-sik. His letters were initially posted in the internet and later adapted as novel. Recently, I also got the chance to watch the American remake (of the same title) of this film. Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert are the stars in the remake which is also directed by Yann Samuell. The plot was still the same but I still prefer the original version. While I was watching the Hollywood version, what I only did was to keep on comparing it to the original one.

I enjoyed watching My Sassy Girl because of its different plot as compared to typical love story. Most of all what attracts me to this film is the significance of believing in destiny. It sounds corny to some, but admit it, all of us wanted to experience a one-of-a-kind love story. At a certain point of our life we believed that someone is destined for us. That there is someone truly made for us.

I asked a lady friend of mine if she still believes in destiny and you know what she said? “Minsan hindi.”

There is nothing wrong believing in destiny. However in order to achieve what is destined for us, we need to make a move. In the movie after a year of separation, the guy (Gyeon-woo) worked hard to improve himself in many ways. He changed for the better.

For those still waiting for their special someone just like me, let’s make a move and change for the better. Who knows our SASSY someone is just around the corner.

I went to General Santos for an inventory count last Saturday. I was a bit hesitant to accept the assignment since I have pending work here in Makati (from another client). Nevertheless, I decided to accept it. Having no choice but to say yes, I set my mind for another busy weekend.

I once read a portion of another thought of wisdom that says, “You can control your attitude, but not the action of others. You can control your calendar but not life circumstances. Remember this; it’s not what happens to you, but what happens in you.”

Indeed these words shot me at point blank! Indeed with all the works pending in my schedule, here I am again flying back to the south and count inventories which by only thinking about it, already giving me a headache. How awful on my part. I initially have seen the negative part of my assignment. But after reading this one, my perception about my assignment began to change. After another deep breath I was already thinking, well this is another free vacation for me. I can still enjoy the weekend by clearing my schedule converting worktime to playtime. Just a simple change of perception already gave me a momentary booster.

I was given the chance to fly to Gen San for free. Stay in Kalsangi, a place free from pollution, with nice environment and almost a Baguio City setting with all the green pine trees and cold climate. Plus the food oh so great and delicious once again for free! Once again I would be having free and sumptuous meals from breakfast to dinner. Saying the food in Gen San is delicious and less expensive compared to Manila is only an understatement. I would be losing my words in describing how great the food especially the sea foods and fruits in Gen San. I am already a California Maki addict!

For the moment I stopped thinking about my work. , Joey, my officemate and I just stayed in our room surfing the net while waiting for the basketball game (Team Pilipinas vs. Jordan, too bad the Nationals lost the game). After watching the basketball game, I got the chance to have a nap on a lazy Friday afternoon. Feeling energized again for the Saturday’s inventory count.


Saturday morning, Joey and I woke up early. Our call time was set at 6:30 in the morning. Our count was planned for two groups. One is going to Surallah (another town in South Cotabato) and in Calumpang (PEZA zone in Gen San) and the other group will be staying in the Cannery. Joey has already been in Surallah and Calumpang that’s why I decided to be assigned in those places. Never did I know that the travel time would be much longer compared the actual count!

Going to Surallah took us almost an hour and 20 minutes. Along the way, I enjoyed the view. I got the chance to visit the town of Tupi and Marbel, the hometown of once popular ex-basketball player, Kenneth Duremdes (now known as Koronadal City). Life in these places seems so simple and not too complex. How I wish all places will be like these places, developing while still maintaining the simplicity of life.

As the day went by, my count went so smooth. I was so thankful precount was already performed. I was also amazed by the hospitality and warm welcome of the employees assigned both in Surallah and Calumpang. It helped a lot thinking positive result about the count and forgetting the soaring heat of the sun and the long travel. After the count we went back to Kalsangi past lunch. Only upon lying in my bed I felt slight body sores, I guessed it comes from the bumpy long trip. I fall asleep leaving the TV on.

I woke up already past the hour of six. Dinner would be ready and I almost forgot, Saturday night is ihaw-ihaw night in Kalsangi. All kinds of grilled food, pork, chicken, fish, prawns and squid are all available. Once again my tummy added new fats and my cholesterol once again notched another level! Still, after dinner I was so thankful to God for giving a semi-vacation during the weekend.


Sunday is the day for us to go back to Manila. With all the pasalubong boxes and fun memories we had for a short vacation, I could draw a smile on my face. Indeed I cannot control the life circumstances but still I managed to control my perception and attitude over the weekend.

While writing this, I am already back in the busy city of Manila. I am once again back to be stressed again but what the heck I am already recharged for another week of audit work! Let’s get it on guys!

018. Davao Moments

June 7, 2009

Thanks to the profession I have chosen, I am blessed to have out-of-town audit engagements. I got the chance to visit places which I only read in books and magazines. I visited the north and even the south part of the country. Traveling was included in an instant in my vocabulary. During the latter part of last year and early months of this year, I frequently visited Mindanao. I began to love General Santos City, Polomolok and Davao City.

Among the three I enjoyed most my stay in Davao. I consider Davao City as my second favorite city next only to Baguio City, my all time favorite city outside Metro Manila. There are three reasons why I love Davao City.
First, I am amazed how clean this city is. Cleanliness was prioritized by the local government. Also during my stay I can say that people are also disciplined. There is minimal traffic jam in its main streets. Drivers especially the taxi drivers are courteous and still give exact change unlike here in Manila.

Second, I love the food in Davao. I tasted the best sea foods and fresh fruits available. I love the calamares and kinilaw na tuna served by our client during lunch. Fresh fruits are also the best in this city. Before we go back to Manila, we always drop by the “bangkerohan” in the market. You can find the sweetest pomelo and mangostene (which is cheaper when you buy during its season). And who can forget the pride of Davao- durian.

Aside from the best sea foods and fruits, almost every corner of the city, restaurants and coffee shops are available. They sprouted like mushrooms in this city. Every food establishment offers their own delicacies and specialty. Local coffee shops here can beat the commercialized coffee shops. I will not forget Bluegre, a coffee shop where we used to hang out. We love the durian coffee it offers which also its specialty. I don’t know if only this place offers durian coffee.

Lastly, I love the resorts here in Davao. I consider Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort and Pearl Farm Beach Resort as the best in Samal Island. These places are indeed relaxing. If you are a nature lover these places are the place for you. I also visited Eden Nature Park and Crocodile Farms. Eden is like John Hay in Baguio. The only difference is that Eden provides more activities to visitors. There’s mountain trekking, fishing, playground for kids, the Indiana Jones, and best of them all, Skyriding! Crocodile Farms meanwhile is similar to a zoo. I have never been to a zoo yet so, I enjoyed much my visit in the Crocodile Farm. There are many more places in Davao which I haven’t seen yet. Hope I could go back one of these days.
* * *
Every time I recall the happy moments in Davao, I always picture myself with Nowie and Ms. Maricel. They are my teammate in audit engagement team for a banana producing company in Davao. I don’t know why I enjoyed much this team. I guess we maintain the respect we would like to see in the three of us. We managed to keep our bond and the friendship that we have throughout our stay. Most of all we show the professionalism our work dictates. I can say, we blended well our friendship and professionalism in our team.

I consider Nowie as the best supporting partner in an engagement. Or maybe the word best is still an understatement. He is skillful in every substantive tests and audit procedures which I admit I lack. Meanwhile he’s waterloo is test of controls and documentation which I am good at. We maintain a mutual help and support during the course of audit. I still remember every coffee break that we have, we still discussed the how and why of the audit procedures as well as the alternative procedures and possible findings that we detected. And if ever pressure is about to arise, we always asked for a yosi break to our senior Ms. Maricel, although we really never smoke we just called it a yosi break.

Ms. Maricel on the other hand, is my frequent senior. She’s my senior almost in all my engagements. I can say she is a terrific and effective senior. I learned a lot from her. I was blessed she is very much willing to guide Nowie and I in understanding audit. I always appreciate the time she can share to both of us every time we have questions or if ever we’re lost in our work.

And like every engagement teams, time comes when it all calls to end. Last May, Ms. Maricel decided to leave the firm and seeks a better career. I guess she deserves it. After grueling years in audit a happier workplace is fitting for her. Nowie and I already prepared to this day.

He even asked me, “Mauulit pa kaya yung team natin.”
I just replied, “Mukhang malabo na pre.”
I guess some good things never last. The three of us started as strangers. Then we became friends in Davao. We created a harmonious working relationship in the office. And after two busy seasons together we bade good bye to our leader.
Thanks for the pictures which will only reminds me of the best engagement team I ever have. It is a great honor for me to work with these guys. Whenever we stay in Dream House, it is like; the three of us are cousins from different places called by our Tita Daisy to have a two-week vacation in Davao.
I will surely miss:
1. Trips and adventures we had every weekend
2. The food trips, take-out orders, midnight snacks, breakfasts cooked by Tita Daisy
3. Yakult jokes, senate hearings, and telenovelas
4. Review Notes
5. The longest trip ever going to client’s office
6. Bowling moments
7. Fishing moments
8. Coffee moments
9. Spanish restaurant not to order water or else… hehehe!
10. Finally, the color pink!
DFI Team: (Ms. Maricel, Patrick and Nowie)
This is my simply tribute to you guys! Ms. Maricel we wish you all the best. Thanks for everything!

DFI Team signing off.

Last Saturday, May 9, my favorite sister finally got married. Well, she waited for this big day of hers for so long. I could see how excited she was on her wedding day.

Prior to her wedding day, I was a bit worried because of typhoon Emong. The typhoon was tracking the direction towards Pangasinan.

For a week, the weather was bad in Pangasinan, including here in Manila. I asked my sister if she was worried.

She only replied, “Hindi. Lalabas ang bagyo ng Saturday sa Cagayan” (No. Typhoon will exit on Saturday in Cagayan).

I guess she was right. She was right in two things.

She was right because she believed that the weather will turn out to be fine.

She was also right not to worry.

My sister’s wedding turned out to be a reunion as well of our family. Relatives from Baguio and Alaminos attended the wedding.

Our humble residence was the busiest place in our barangay that day. I somewhat enjoy seeing our house filled again with people, (mostly relatives and friends). Its nice to entertain our relatives specially from Baguio whom I rarely see.

After two years, I finally had chat with my Tita Naty and cousins, our kumustahan moments is very much lively with all the updates and laughter. It was so nice to see little kids (mga pamangkin) playing and running inside and outside our house.
I raised my hats as well to my relatives in Alaminos. Eventhough they were directly hit by the typhoon, they still managed to attend.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon we were all in the church. The joy of seeing my sister and my new kuya in front of the altar is so delightful.
Lesson for our Pocket:

What made the wedding ceremony complete and meaningful is the homily and message of the priest, Fr. Cacho. He is a third cousin of ours and he was chosen by my sister to preside the mass.

His message of what love means is truly a lesson I put in my pocket. According to him, he has two favorite definition of love.

Love is patient

Love is kind
Very much simple definition but heavy in meaning.
Love is alive if we become more patient towards our love ones. Our parents’ love is a simple example, they are patient enough in giving us the care we deserve.
He was right when he said all the things around us are product of patience.
Trees waited time to grow from a seed.
Boys and girls waited years before becoming man and woman.
We all started from elementary until we become professional.
All of these thing are product of patience.
And then he added that love is kind. Kindness is not only about giving money and material things to people.
Kindness is also emphasized through the little things we do for our love ones.
The most trivial and not appreciated things we do to our parents, friend, special someone are the kindest thing we can share.
Listening to this simple message allowed me to evaluate myself.
Am I patient and kind enough to love?

To my sister Grace and kuya Eddie, best wishes to both of you and may you become more patient and kind to one another each day!

016. Lingayen

May 7, 2009

It is my father’s 63rd birthday today. I woke up eagerly this morning to greet him. I planned to greet him by giving him a call unfortunately, I ran out of load last night. As I went to work, I dropped by to a nearby loading station near MRT station to buy some load.

Finally, I got some load. I sent my text greetings to him butI felt like it was not enough. It seems like there’s no spectacular in my greetings. No fireworks effect. I was not satisfied with my greetings to him… seems like something’s missing.

The idea of giving my father something special on his birthday bothered me this week. Since I am here in Manila and miles away from home, giving a tangible gift is at the bottom of my list.

Hmmmm…. (think, think, and think again)

Maybe an article about my father is a wonderful idea. Sounds interesting right?

Allow me to share to all of you an anecdote about my serious-looking father.

Trivia: My father loves reading newspaper.

I have never seen him wearing jeans. From my childhood days till last year (yup, just only last year), he never entertained the idea of wearing jeans. He has become comfortable with his slacks. I guess he became used to it since as a teacher, slacks and formal pants are part of his usual uniform in school. When we go out he still wears slacks either in black, brown, grayish or bluish shade. The no denims policy has always been strictly followed. No one dared to neither buy for him nor give him a pair of jeans during occasions or any ordinary days in his life.

As the most stubborn and hard-headed son of his, I once again disobeyed one of his policies. Last Christmas, while shopping gifts to my family and friends, I was thinking something unique gift for my father. I decided to buy him a soft, loose-fit, bluish plane pair of jeans. I never wrapped my gift, I just gave to him. I just showed it to him. To my surprise, he tried to fit it.

Then he said, “Anak, comfortable din pala. Bagay ba sa akin?”

I gave a compliment to him by saying “See, bagay na bagay!”

After 25 years of my existence, I finally saw my father wearing a pair of jeans. And I can say he loves wearing it.

Father and Son. During our visit in Our Lady of Manaoag.

During our family reunion in Alaminos, my uncles, aunts, and cousins were surprised at my father’s new look. When we visited the Our Lady of Manaoag he wore jeans that day. Every Friday, he goes to school in jeans. He also bought for him some denim pants.

My father together with my sister.

Now he has his new policy: “To go out… and wear jeans!”

His opening remarks during our family reunion.

Happy Birthday Papa!

Pizza, pizza, pizza!!!

Last Thursday, I bumped around with my friends in the office for a night of singing in Music 21. The event also served as a celebration as the busy season had finally ended. Though the whole group was not complete, the night was still filled with fun!

Left to Right: Marco, Abeth, Jiam, Gabs, Jerry, Francis, and Jonax.

The eight of us had a share of limelight holding the microphone; beating every note and singing our lungs out. I am not a good singer but when I am with these guys, I couldn’t say no.

Pag may picture taking walang kumakanta

Marco the look ulit

Beth we will never forget the graduation song! (Peace tayo!)

By the way, it was the first time for Gabs to join us in Music 21. A night like this is indeed advisable especially for us who are always busy. A night of fun like this, is truly a stress reliever!
Jerry the Singer, with the trio
See Jerry is still singing, the rest mega pose. hehehe!

Nauhaw si Jonax, after a great song!

The ladies of the night!

Ang saya saya ni Gabs!

Francis, getting ready for his song…

Till next time fellows for another concert in Music 21!