023. Cramming Moment

Last Saturday I was invited to attend the wedding of Michael, one of my closest friends. He is actually my bestfriend way back in elementary. I still remember the days when we were only a bunch of kids playing around in the school ground. Actually that was 20 years ago. From kids to young men, we are now entering the next stage in life- settling down. He hits the road first joining the bandwagon of getting married. Friday night, I was still in my client’s office, again trapped as usual in my recent job with pending financial statement draft and … Continue reading 023. Cramming Moment

022. Who Moved My Cheese

Last weekend, I borrowed a book entitled Who Move My Cheese from a colleague. I guess many of us already it. I always have the intention to buy it every time I go to a bookstore. I was looking forward to read it during a plane trip to Gen San or in Davao during the busy season. Unfortunately, I was running out of cash or in a tight budget when I dropped by the bookstore. That’s why I am lucky I borrowed a copy of it during the weekend. The book is not tedious to read. Actually, I finished reading … Continue reading 022. Who Moved My Cheese

021. Cofffee Break

I am not really a coffee person. Before I entered college, I hated the bitter taste of coffee. I preferred drinking hot chocolate or soda. Things have changed when I stayed in Baguio City. Staying in coldest city in the country opened my mind. Most of the people in Baguio are coffee or tea lovers. And I was not amazed if after the opening of SM City Baguio, commercial coffee shops sprouted like mushrooms. During my stay in Baguio, I learned to appreciate the bitter taste of coffee. Through the invitation of my friends to drink coffee in coffee shops, … Continue reading 021. Cofffee Break

020. Sassy Girl

 “It sounds corny to some, but admit it, all of us wanted to experience a one-of-a-kind love story.” I belong to a family who loves to watch movies. My father used to rent VHS tapes when I was still a kid. Every time he arrived from work, it was my instinct to check out what were the tapes he rented for our evening’s movie time. Being exposed to movies as early as my childhood days, I am lost in my count on how many movies I’ve already watched. And for this week’s article I am again in a dilemma what … Continue reading 020. Sassy Girl

019. Weekend Inventory Count / Vacaton

I went to General Santos for an inventory count last Saturday. I was a bit hesitant to accept the assignment since I have pending work here in Makati (from another client). Nevertheless, I decided to accept it. Having no choice but to say yes, I set my mind for another busy weekend. I once read a portion of another thought of wisdom that says, “You can control your attitude, but not the action of others. You can control your calendar but not life circumstances. Remember this; it’s not what happens to you, but what happens in you.” Indeed these words … Continue reading 019. Weekend Inventory Count / Vacaton

018. Davao Moments

Thanks to the profession I have chosen, I am blessed to have out-of-town audit engagements. I got the chance to visit places which I only read in books and magazines. I visited the north and even the south part of the country. Traveling was included in an instant in my vocabulary. During the latter part of last year and early months of this year, I frequently visited Mindanao. I began to love General Santos City, Polomolok and Davao City. Among the three I enjoyed most my stay in Davao. I consider Davao City as my second favorite city next only … Continue reading 018. Davao Moments

017. My Manang’s Wedding

Last Saturday, May 9, my favorite sister finally got married. Well, she waited for this big day of hers for so long. I could see how excited she was on her wedding day. Prior to her wedding day, I was a bit worried because of typhoon Emong. The typhoon was tracking the direction towards Pangasinan. For a week, the weather was bad in Pangasinan, including here in Manila. I asked my sister if she was worried. She only replied, “Hindi. Lalabas ang bagyo ng Saturday sa Cagayan” (No. Typhoon will exit on Saturday in Cagayan). I guess she was right. … Continue reading 017. My Manang’s Wedding

015. My Father’s Birthday

It is my father’s 63rd birthday today. I woke up eagerly this morning to greet him. I planned to greet him by giving him a call unfortunately, I ran out of load last night. As I went to work, I dropped by to a nearby loading station near MRT station to buy some load. Finally, I got some load. I sent my text greetings to him butI felt like it was not enough. It seems like there’s no spectacular in my greetings. No fireworks effect. I was not satisfied with my greetings to him… seems like something’s missing. The idea … Continue reading 015. My Father’s Birthday